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'Ewa Family Man and Community Leader

  Kurt Fevella is a born and raised 'Ewa Beach resident. He is a graduate of James Campbell High School and a dedicated community leader and advocate. Since 1987, Senator Fevella has been devoted to helping his community and the State of Hawaii. Most of his time goes to listening to the people in his community and advocating for them in legislation. His compassion and love for Hawaii is expressed through the countless hours of volunteering at food drives, supporting school activities, attending community board meetings, advocating in legislation on behalf of the ‘Ewa Beach community, and pursuing the improvement of Hawaii, overall.

  Meeting with officials, representatives, and members of society is a part of his duty as an elected senator but he makes it a priority to work with, for, and by the people. Senator Fevella strives to benefit the present and future generations to come. Being able to lend a helping hand to our rich, poor, young, and elderly is his way of showing, we are all in this together. For over a decade, he has been an active member of helping our communities from feeding the hungry and placing our homeless into shelters, to celebrating our children’s awards in baseball and Ho'olaule'a. Senator Fevella is in many ways more than a volunteer and not just a senator for the state, but also a member of the board for the Lion’s Club, a neighborhood security watchman, a youth ministry supporter, and a beach cleanup volunteer. He wouldn’t think twice about serving the community of 'Ewa Beach and the State of Hawaii alike. Especially, if it means creating a better Hawaii, one day at a time.

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